All About Rose Quartz, The Stone Of Love

A beautiful stone, and one that's often gifted to people we care about, here are some interesting facts about rose quartz, the ‘stone of love’.

It is the variety of quartz that is pink in colour and its shade can range from a pale almost see through pink to a much deeper rosy hue.  It has been associated with love throughout history by numerous cultures and civilisations and is still used today by those who hope to benefit from its loving properties.

Here are some facts you might not have known about this lovely pink stone:

1).  Rose quartz is known by a variety of names.  You may know it as pink quartz or hyaline quartz which is from the Greek word ‘hyalos’ meaning ‘glass’.  It is also referred to as the ‘love stone’ or ‘stone of unconditional love’ because of its nurturing and loving qualities.

2).  It is the alternative gift to the traditional cotton which is given on the second wedding anniversary.  If you are about to celebrate this anniversary or know someone who is, try giving a rose quartz crystal shape or tumblestone as a token of your love and affection.

3).  When Egyptian tombs were opened, face masks carved out of large pieces of rose quartz were found locked away with the other treasures.  Ancient Egyptians believed the stone had healing properties that would clear the complexion and prevent wrinkles for anyone that wore the crystal mask.

4).  Rose quartz is often referred to as a ‘mothering’  crystal.  During pregnancy, many women place a piece of the stone on their stomachs as it is known to promote bonding between the mother and unborn child.  It is also believed that this feeling will be enhanced by taking the piece of rose quartz to the hospital to be near the baby when it is being born.

5).  Wearing a rose quartz pendant or carrying a tumblestone with you is thought to attract love.  This can be different types of love – it can attract romantic love, renew existing love or promote self acceptance and help you to love yourself.

As you can see, rose quartz is closely associated with love, nurturing and affection.  It is a very useful stone to give to another person or carry yourself when you want to enhance these feelings around you.  A piece of rose quartz tumblestone. is easily carried in your pocket, purse or wallet where you can harness its energies and make use of its strong connection with love.