The Mothers India Incense


The producers of The Mother's Fragrances are based in Pondicherry, India, and employ a total of 370 people, mainly young women, who get a fair deal as regards working conditions: excellent wages, a savings scheme, medical insurance, a pleasant working environment, and even a company bike!

The Mother's India Fragrances are hand rolled and made from pure and natural ingredients. The scents are based on traditional Indian incense and are therefore quite strong. Each fragrance has honey and a resin called Mattipal at its base. This resin gives the fragrances their full, sweet scent and makes the sticks soft to the touch.

The incense cones, like the sticks, are made with only natural ingredients, hand-blended and hand-rolled from resins, pure essential oils, floral perfumes and a delicate blend of scented flowers, leaves, charcoal and wood powders.

This age-old masala method of making incense avoids the use of chemicals, and creates a light, clean burning incense with a minimum of smoke and slowly spreads its gentle aroma. Enjoy the difference! And what's more, all The Mothers India products are Fair Trade and The Mothers India Fragrances now come with a charitable donation.

Each box has a hand-marbled design and the product is wrapped in grease-proof paper.

Welcome to the world of The Mothers Fragrances!

A Fair Trade Product