Tarot and Oracle

There have been soothsayers, clairvoyants and readers of Chinese horoscopes, astrology and numerology for thousands of years, but in modern times two of the most popular methods of divination are the Tarot and Oracle Cards.

If you are after specifics concerning life events or particular situations, Tarot cards are useful for providing detail and depth to a reading. Their symbolism, colours, numbers, etc., all combine to make up the true meaning of each card.

Oracle cards on the other hand, although beautifully illustrated, are much less structured, and can contain any number of cards from 10 to 90. They are invariably designed according to a particular theme, such as Faeries, Angels and Dragons, or they may concentrate on affirmations and self-help. Oracle cards suggest abstract ideas about major life lessons. As such they are easier to read, requiring much less interpretation. Their symbols are more distinct and easier to decipher.

It is always a good idea to work with both methods, to learn and to practice, until you feel comfortable with each. Then, based on the messages and feelings you receive surrounding different situations within your readings, you will find the confidence to follow your intuition and choose whichever method suits each situation.