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Super Hit Incense

If you like Nag Champa incense, you will love Super Hit.

This is yet another wonderful fragrance from the Shrinivas Sugandhalaya factory - and one of the best selling incenses around.

This incense is marsala based, soft and moist, like the original Nag Champa but with a slightly sweeter aroma. This smoother scent is perfect for meditation and relaxation.

Each of the hand-rolled incenses from Shrinivas Sugandhalaya has its own unique fragrance, evoking a subtly different mood, and yet all of them are somehow related.

Super Hit is available in a 15g pack of 12-15 sticks
or in a box of 12 cones (including metal holder).

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Superhit Incense Cones

12 Incense cones with free stand

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Superhit Incense Sticks

12-15 sticks approx

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