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Sun catchers

There are many different types of suncatcher. They may be made with varying crystal shapes (of glass, lead crystal, or natural crystal), or flat, made of glass or acrylic. They can depict various scenes, such as sun, moon and stars, fairies or angels, various animals, birds, or butterflies, etc. Hang one in your window or garden to gather the sunlight and it will refract colour and light into your living space.

Suncatchers make excellent gifts, as they offer a wide choice, from the simple single glass dropper hung on a string to the large, intricate and colourful “stained glass window” type.

What better way of bringing light and sunshine into your home than by hanging a special sun catcher mobile in your window?

"Harness the power of the sun in a burst of light and energy"

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Five Hearts Suncatcher

length 70cm

Five Owls Suncatcher

73cm overall length

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