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Regent House Simmering Granules

Regent House have created an extensive variety of fragrances in their brightly coloured Simmering Granules range. Fragrance granules are a versatile and clean way to fragrance your home. Made from sea salt and highly fragranced with oils, they are ideal for use with oil burners. Just place one or two teaspoons in the oil burner reservoir - no need to add water or oil. Then light a tealight underneath and the warmth of the flame will heat the granules, causing the oil to begin to evaporate, spreading your chosen fragrance around the room.

Alternatively, just leave some granules in a dish in the bathroom, or anywhere else in the house, and just like pot pourri let their fragrance work more subtly. They can also be used to refresh ashtrays to combat tobacco smells, and even in the car ashtray.

Please take care when lighting tealights.
Keep away from curtains and combustible materials, and protect polished surfaces.

Keep away from children and animals.

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