Quartz Crystal Runes Set

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including velvet pouch
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Set of Runes made of rock crystal (quartz) tumbled gemstones, together with a black pouch.
Pouch measures 9x11cm.

Harness the energy of quartz crystal and use these rune stones to connect to your inner wisdom and "read" a situation.

Rune stones are an ancient form of divination. They were used, as far as we know, around Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland and the British Isles from around 1000BC and probably even earlier. Germanic tribes, according to Tacitus, would cut down a branch and cut it into slices, making unique marks on the face of each piece before throwing them randomly on the ground. Then the priest amongst them would pick up three pieces and make interpretations dependent on the signs. Runic inscriptions have also been found in North America, which suggests that Vikings were there long before Columbus' discovery.

The popularity of the runes has never diminished, and today they are made out of all kinds of material, even plastic, but traditionally the preference is still for natural materials such as wood, slate or gemstones.

They are used for divination, for making decisions about which course of action to follow and also for communication.

Clear quartz crystal (also known as rock crystal) is a stone for purification. It 
helps to develop determination and structure in your life and helps focus your ideas and inspirations. It acts as an amplifier for both positive thoughts and energy and can therefore be good to have around when positive action and focus is needed. It can be held or worn to bring more power to situations and to promote clarity of thought. Quartz is a stone of harmony and will tend to produce a more balanced state in you regardless of where you are. It is often thought of as the stone of the stars as it helps to bring you in line with a higher purpose, both in a personal and a more universal way. It can also aid in bringing about altered states of consciousness and stimulate psychic abilities. It has been used by many traditions such as Celts, Native American, Egyptian African, Mayan and Aboriginal in the use of healing, communicating with spirits and attaining an enlightened state.

Clear quartz helps to dispel negative energy you may have absorbed from other people. If you tend to put yourself down, quartz may help you fight that feeling. It is good to hold or have around whenever you feel foggy, uncertain or would like to see your way more clearly. It is one of the most frequently used crystals because of its wide-ranging benefits.

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