WoodWick Trilogy 10oz Warm Woods

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The WoodWick Trology 10oz Warm Woods candle contains:

Sandalwood Clove

Burn time for the whole candle is approximately 100 hours

In the WoodWick Trilogy range, each candle consists of three colour-coordinated layers of wax and three matching fragrances. As the candle burns, each fragrance and colour melts into the next layer creating a new and unique new fragrance.

The WoodWick Trilogy 10 ounce jar candles are approximately 5" high, and like all the single fragrance 10oz jars they have a wooden lid which can be used as a stand. The elegant glass jar is re-usable.

Made by the Virginia Candle Company, WoodWick Candles come in a wide variety of fragrances to suit every taste.

Each WoodWick candle features a natural wick made from organic wood to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire combined with exceptional fragrance.

Fragrance never sounded so good!

The WoodWick Candle and Home Fragrance Brand is the brainchild of the Virginia Candle Company, founded in 1990 in Lynchburgh, Virginia USA. Today the company occupies a manufacturing facility not far from the original garage in which production first started. Their goal since then has never changed, that is, to make innovative products of the highest quality available. The companys exceptional innovation and premium quality products have made their candles and home fragrance ranges household favourites not only across the USA, but also here in the UK.

The Virginia Candle Company produce carefully formulated fragrances and ensure some of the most consistent and longest burn times in the candle industry. The company is also a global pioneer in the development of the finest naturally renewable and organic resources. From organic wicks made of wood, to fragrances infused with essential oils and premium soy wax blends all of which have been fully embraced within their WoodWick Candle Range.

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