Wooden Yin Yang Incense Stick & Cone Burner Disc


Made from mango wood, this practical and stylish incense holder will help bring a sense a calm and tranquility to any space, whether for meditation, for yoga, or just for a peaceful ambiance in the home.

It is beautifully designed with a Yin Yang symbol carved in the bowl, and has a raised central platform with a metal insert for holding incense cones, and holes in the wood for incense sticks.

Diameter: 13cm
Height: 3.5cm

How to Use
Light the end of your incense stick or tip of your incense cone, then blow out the flame and insert either the stick into one of the holes or cone in the brass seat.

After lighting your incense you can enjoy the relaxing aroma of your favourite incense stick as it drifts gently around your room.

Handy Tips
Never leave burning incense unattended 
Always use in a well ventilated area
Keep out of reach of pets & children

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