Wooden Ash Catcher Incense Box - Ying Yang

Wooden Ash Catcher Incense Box, also known as jali box, with brass yin yang inlays and cut out design.

Size approx - length 31cm, height 6.5cm, width 5.5cm

This chest style box burner is great for burning incense sticks or cones and protects your furniture when burning incense. It's very easy to use by simply raising the top lid and placing your incense inside (an incense stick will fit into the hole at the side, and a cone will simply stand in one of the brass inserts inside the box). After lighting your incense (having blown out the flame) gently close the lid and enjoy the relaxing aromas of your favourite incense as it drifts gently through the holes in the box and into your room. Each wooden incense holder has a compartment at the base for safe storage of incense sticks.

Jali is a Gujarati word that originally described a perforated, latticed or carved screen. Using calligraphy and geometry, intricate designs were carved into stone, later incorporating precious and semi-precious stones into the work. Today, at least in the West, we tend to describe any carved panelwork as jali, hence its use in describing incense smoke boxes with their perforated lids and side panels.

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