Wild Things

Window Dreams Dragonfly Sun Catcher


A new take on stained glass, this dragonfly design is part of the colourful Window Dream™ range from Wild Things. Richly textured, this range of sun catchers is designed to cast deep colour projections into a sunny room.

Handmade, and held within a 15cm metal surround, the sun catcher comes with a sturdy hanging chain and a suction cup.

The artwork is by Bryon Allen© 2023.

The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation: "Darting through the air, a flash of iridescence, graceful, elusive" (Anon).

Each sun catcher is presented in a recyclable cardboard box, making it perfect for gifting.

Approx dimensions:

Overall Length incl. chain - 210mm
Overall Width - 150mm
Overall Depth - 4mm
Motif Height - 150mm
Motif Width - 150mm

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