Wildberry 10 inch Simmering Cider Incense Sticks


Pack of 12 Wildberry 10 inch Simmering Cider Incense Sticks

Part of the Wildberry Holiday Fragrance Family

Wildberry Simmering Cider incense is a warm spicy blend of cinnamon and apple.

How to Use
- Light the tip of the stick and once the flame takes hold blow it out.
- Place it in a suitable incense holder on a steady, flat surface.

Burn Time
Approximately 30 minutes


Safety Tips
- Use in a well-ventilated area
- Keep out of reach of children & pets
- Never leave burning incense unattended

The Wildberry brand was established in Oxford, Ohio, in the USA in 1971

Wildberry is without a doubt Americas best incense, having been around since 1971. This premium incense is made using only the best quality essential oils and the freshest perfume ingredients.

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