Wildberry 10 inch Sensuality Incense Sticks


Pack of 12 Wildberry 10 inch Sensuality Incense Sticks

Part of the Wildberry Florals and Greens Fragrance Family
Wildberry Sensuality incense is a smooth floral perfume blend.

10 incense sticks
Burning time approx. 60mins
Bursting with pure essential oils and fresh perfumes
Packaged in sealable polybag
Always use with an appropriate burner or ash catcher
The Wildberry brand was established in Oxford, Ohio, in the USA in 1971

Wildberry is without a doubt Americas best incense, having been around since 1971. This premium incense is made using only the best quality essential oils and the freshest perfume ingredients. Every single stick is hand-dipped to capture its full-bodied fragrance.

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