White Quartz Crystal Geode 3-5cm


Small White Quartz Half-Geode - approximately 1-2in (3-5cm)

A geode is basically a part hollow rock with crystals inside. When the rock is broken open the tiny crystals are displayed in their outer framework of usually grey agate.


Quartz crystal is a stone for purification. It helps to develop determination and structure in your life and helps focus your ideas and inspirations. It acts as an amplifier for both positive thoughts and energy, and can therefore be good to have around when positive action and focus is needed.

Quartz is a stone of harmony and will tend to produce a more balanced state in you regardless of where you are. It is often thought to bring you in line with a higher purpose, both personally and universally. It can also aid in bringing about altered states of consciousness and stimulate psychic abilities

Clear quartz helps to dispel negative energy you may have absorbed from other people. It is one of the most frequently used crystals because of its wide-ranging benefits.

Incidentally, it also tends to combat radiation and static so can be good to have near a computer monitor.

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