Lo Scarabeo

Wheel of the Year Tarot


Wheel of the Year Tarot by Maria Caratti
(artwork by Antonella Platano)

"The seasons dance and we dance with them"

Be inspired by the ever-turning cycle of life with this mesmerising and vivid tarot deck that takes us through the four seasons - a journey marked by hope, abundance, reflection and rebirth - and reminds us of our indelible connection to the earth. The vibrant imagery transports us to a timeless realm steeped in the beauty and wisdom of Nature.

Whether Pagan or non-Pagan, you will find guidance on love and relationships, finance and career, aging, health and spiritual matters in this stunning Rider-Waite based tarot.

Pack contains: 78 card deck & instruction booklet
Card Size: 7cm x 12cm

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