Tulasi Lavender Incense Cones


Pack of 15 Tulasi Lavender Incense Cones

Known as the magic healer, Lavender is an effective antibiotic and pain reliever. Tulasi Lavender incense creates a pleasant, soothing atmosphere in your home.

Top quality Tulasi incense cones from the Sarathi Perfumery Works in Bangalore in India. Packed in an attractive box each fragrance is well defined just open the pack to enjoy the wonderful aroma.

Each pack has an individual design and contains 15 cones wrapped in cellophane to ensure their quality and freshness, as well as a metal dish.

Burn time per cone is approximately 25 minutes.

Incense cones are popular because of their compact size. They are easy and safe to use, and unlike incense sticks the ash does not drop off. Instead, as an incense cone burns down, the ash stays in the shape of the cone.

Light the tip of the cone and once the flame takes hold blow it out. Place the cone on an suitable dish, plate or custom made cone holder, keeping it well clear of flammable materials. Depending on the size of the cone, the resulting aromatic smoke should rise and fragrance the surroundings for 20 minutes or more.

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