Tulasi Cherry Incense Sticks


Pack of 20 Cherry Incense Sticks

The Tulasi Cherry fragrance is delightfully sweet, vibrant and stimulating, spreading good cheer all around.

These are top quality Tulasi incense sticks from the Sarathi Perfumery Works in Bangalore in India.

Packed in an attractive box each fragrance is well defined - just open the pack to enjoy the wonderful aroma.

Each pack has an individual design and contains 20 sticks wrapped in cellophane to ensure their quality and freshness.

This is high quality incense at a reasonable price, and it has become one of our best-selling brands.

How to burn your incense sticks:

Always place in a suitable holder. There are many types available, from iconic little resin ones to ash catchers and jali boxes.
Place on a heat resistant surface and well away from flammable objects.
Light the tip of the stick and allow a flame to take hold.
Blow out the flame to leave a glowing ember.
Never leave a burning stick unattended.
Then simply enjoy the ambience created by your chosen fragrance.

Incense sticks (also known as joss sticks) are a common factor in the many and varied religious ceremonies performed worldwide. From Chinese temples to Indian Shrines, from holy sites to established Churches, the ritual burning of incense sticks has for centuries been an integral part of tradition.

Sticks are normally hand-rolled, using natural ingredients, wood powders, charcoal powder, perfume oils and/or essential oils. The resulting substance is then either formed into stick shapes or wrapped around bamboo wood sticks.

Most of the popular incense sticks are made with bamboo, and the superior quality ones usually contain natural essential oils.

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