WoodWick 22oz Trilogy Candle Amethyst Sky

£22.39 £31.99

Amethyst Sky WoodWick large trilogy candle jar, with the famous wooden wick that crackles like a log fire.

This fragrance is Amethyst Sky - A deep purple coloured fragrance which has a complex fragrance of elderberries, lavender and amber; a trio of fragrances layered for a unique scent experience.

The WoodWick 22oz large trilogy candle is in a glass jar with a wooden lid that can be used as a stand. The burn time is approximately 130 hours, and the glass jar is re-usable.

Dimensions: 10.2cm x 10.2cm x 17.8cm

Each WoodWick candle features a natural wick made from organic wood to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire combined with exceptional fragrance.

Fragrance never sounded so good!

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