Tree Runes Greenwood Pendant


Tree Runes Greenwood Pendant
For Positive Energy

Oak, Holly and Ivy are all magical trees in the Greenwood. Oak is Nature's magician, Holly guards against evil spirits, and Ivy stands for good luck and fidelity. Sacred runes ring these sacred trees as a double charm.

Crafted from lead-free alloy.
Size: pendant measures approximately 3.5 x 3.5cm.
This pendant is mounted on black cord and comes in a green satin drawstring pouch.

Each pendant comes with a full-colour leaflet presenting the entire collection, with an explanation of the meaning.

The mythical Greenwood Forest is home to our ancestors - human and fairy. The Greenwood Collection of enchanted jewellery is finely detailed to connect the wearer with their woodland origins. Intricate and subtle, the magical power of Nature's ancient forest lore is charmed within each original design.

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