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Tibetan Bowls CD by Global Journey

Tibetan Bowls CD by Global Journey

For centuries Tibetan Monks have used the vibrational tones of The Tibetan Bowls to induce a trance-like state which is ideal for meditation and which can promote many health benefits. Sound travels in waves and the vibrations of the bowls, like the ripples on a lake, can calm our brainwaves and bring a sense of harmony. The bowls are accompanied by the subtle sounds of nature.

Track Listing:
1. Tibetan Bowls and Forest
2. Tibetan Bowls and Sea

Mind, Body & Soul
Sound Therapy is universally recognised by medical practitioners as a poweful weapon in healing. As far back as Ancient Egypt, music's healing power has been evident and all current research confirms that sound therapy can play an important role in the fight against: Depression, Stress, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia and Negativity. Helping negate these ailments is impressive enough BUT by doing this there is much evidence that this can also help in the treatment of more serious illnesses such as Cancer, Strokes and Heart Attacks.

Total Running Time: 50 mins

Executive Producer: Peter Samuels

Global Journey ltd.

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