Ashleigh & Burwood

The Pearl and Pearl Magnolia & Neroli Limited Edition Fragrance Lamp Gift Set


The Pearl fragrance lamp with Limited Edition Pearl Magnolia & Neroli lamp oil.

To celebrate their 30th Anniversary, Ashleigh & Burwood have released this stunning pearl-themed fragrance lamp gift set that comes in a unique white and gold box.

Pearl Magnolia is a limited edition fragrance that is only available in this gift set, making it an extra special and unique gift for fragrance lovers!

Fragrance notes: Neroli, Magnolia, Tonka Bean


Gift set size: 18cm x 18cm x 10cm
Lamp size: 11.5cm x 7.5cm
Lamp oil: 250ml

Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps provide an elegant and luxurious way of refreshing your home.

These lamps represent quality, luxury and above all style, and will add a touch of beauty to any room in the house. They are beautifully designed to blend in with your decor, and they use a technique that is centuries old, by filtering out airborne odour-causing molecules and purifying the air (a process called catalytic oxidisation). Fragrance from the oil contained within the lamp is then diffused around the room.

How does the catalytic lamp actually work?
When lit, the stone will reach extremely high temperatures, and it is at this point that the catalytic oxidation will take place in the stone. It is this reaction that effects the purification and destruction of unwanted odours. Remarkably, this process dates back to the 1800s when it was adopted in hospitals.

Today, you and your home can benefit from this simple technology, and Ashleigh and Burwood in particular offer a wide choice of attractively designed fragrance lamps combined with traditional and exotic fragrances.


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