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The Modern Witchcraft Guide To Magickal Herbs


by Judy Ann Nock

Part of the Modern Witchcraft series of books.

Your Complete Guide to the Hidden Powers of Herbs.

"Unlock the hidden powers of herbs

Rosemary. Butcher’s-Broom. Angelica. Whether to aid in healing or incorporate into prayer, herbs have been honoured for their magickal properties for thousands of years. In The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs, you’ll find information on one hundred of the most powerful herbs, along with how to use each of them in your magickal practice.

Amplify your rituals by weaving an herbal crown of bay laurel, sage, and savory. Concoct a love potion to encourage intimacy using orange blossoms and clary sage. Protect your home by hanging a handcrafted herb broom made from mugwort and rosemary on your front door. See what’s in store for you in matters of money and fortune by reading Moroccan tea leaves. Discover herbal uses for supporting your health and wellness, as well as sustainable and responsible ways to cultivate your own magickal herb garden.

With the knowledge in The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs, you’ll strengthen your craft as you connect more deeply with yourself, other living energies, and the spirit of the earth

239 pages, hardback. 

Please Note
The pages in the book are serrated (not all even at the edges) - this is the design of the book, rather than an imperfection or misprint.

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