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The Modern Witchcraft Book of Astrology


by Julia Halina Hadas

Part of the Modern Witchcraft series of books

Your complete Guide to Empowering Your Magick With The Energy of the Planets

"Channel Your Celestial Magick!

Astrology is a powerful, boundless practice. And through the stars and planets, you can harness cosmic power to enhance your own magick.

In The Modern Witchcraft Book of Astrology, you will heighten your magick and learn to tap into the secret potential of each zodiacal sign. Discover practices, spells, and rituals, all based on signs and houses, to enhance the magick in your life. From understanding the elemental foundations of astrology to using the hidden healing power of infamous retrogrades like Venus and Mercury to travelling through the astrological year, you will transform your magickal traditions and rejuvenate yourself, inside and out.

Deepen your healing, growth, and manifestation through the magick of the night sky with The Modern Witchcraft Book of Astrology.

256 pages, hardback. 

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