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The Little Book of Astrology


The Little Book of Astrology by Bethea Jenner

Use the Power of the planets to reveal your inner destiny.

The back of the book reads:

Discover everything you need to know about how the heavenly bodies empower you and shape your life in this inspiring guide to astrology.

Create your own unique birth chart that will help you divine the future, learn about what really motivates you, and reveal the key aspects of your inner self.

Learn about how your rising sign allows you to meet life, Venus shapes your relationships, the Moon influences your emotional life, the Sun's energy provides motivation, and Mars helps you get what you want.

Find informative descriptions of the various astrological Houses, the modes, planets, plus and minus signs, as well as concise explanations of the zodiac.

Hardback - 144pp
ISBN 9781800652088
published by Cico Books

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