Findhorn Press

The Female Archangels Oracle Cards


by Calista

Illustrated by Marie-Joe Fourzali

A 44-Card Empowerment Deck and Guidebook

"For eons, angels have been depicted as masculine beings, but times are evolving! As the Divine Feminine rises on Earth, the Archeiai - the female archangels and twin flames to their male counterparts - are coming into our awareness. While our celestial brothers help us fix things quickly, like cutting cords with Archangel Michael, our angelic sisters reflect our potential worth and help us heal insecurities and fear at the root.

Within this stunning 44-card deck that goes beyond divination into divine knowing, prepare to meet, merge, and become the Archeiai by embodying their virtues via inner journeys and attunements. And to enjoy greater life and spiritual balance, meet, merge, and become the Archangels by applying their virtues in your everyday experience via creative exercises and action steps. Discover what messages await you as the angels escort you through many breakthroughs on a return journey to bliss and balance.

Open your wings and get set to fly… what are you waiting for!?"

This pack contains 44 beautifully illustrated cards and a 176-page guidebook.

About the Author
Calista is an award-winning author, speaker, and pioneer of spiritual Ascension. As a former cancer research scientist, she blends the seen and unseen realms into her certified modalities, Angel Healing and Unicorn Healing, taught in over 70 countries worldwide. Calista lives in Perthshire, Scotland.

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