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The Definitive Wee Book On Dowsing Wooden Book


The Definitive Wee Book On Dowsing Wooden Book
...a journey beyond our five senses.
by Hamish Miller

What is the most widely-used paranormal human ability?
Why was this extraordinary subtle magical art brought to England by sixteenth century German miners?
Does it really work? If so, how?
This is an extraordinary guide to sensing with rods and pendula.

In this charming book, legendary Cornish master-dowser Hamish Miller shares the secrets of his trade, tells the story of dowsing, and gives key hints and exercises to assist wizards and witches, young and old, in their search for keys, kids, cats, cables and cosmic connections.

Wooden Books consist of an attractive range of pocket sized, easy to read paperback books that explore a wide range of scientific and arcane subjects. Their creator, publisher John Martineau describes them as "a mathemagical ancient wisdom series".

Paperback 64 pages
Published by Wooden Books
ISBN 9781904263531

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