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Tea Tree Essential Oil


Tea Tree Essential Oil
Latin name: melaleuca alternifolia
Tea Tree is known as Natures Disinfectant, a natural antiseptic
Origin Australia
Oil extracted by steam distillation from leaves and twigs

Viscosity is watery
Scent is pungent, lightly spicy and medicinal
Colour is pale

Widely used in skincare preparations
Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, combatting acne, ringworm, scabies, eczema and influenza and catarrh
Excellent for clearing cold sores
Aids in removing toxins and impurities from the body
Stimulates the immune system
Can be used as a mouthwash diluted in water (taking care not to swallow) and helps with gingivitis
Provides an excellent hair tonic, removes lice, and clears dandruff
Antiseptic action on cuts, grazes and bruises
Acts as a disinfectant

Other applications:
Inhaling the steam from hot water containing a few drops of Tea Tree can ease nasal congestion and bring rapid relief from colds and coughs

Considered safe, non-toxic and non-irritant, although it can be sensitizing
Do not use on deep wounds and keep away from the eyes, nose and ears
Do not use internally
Not for babies or infants

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