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Sun Moon And Earth Wooden Book


Sun Moon & Earth Wooden Book
...an invitation to the alchemical wedding
by Robin Heath

How many days are there between full moons - think you know?
Is there an ancient key to the calendar hidden in stone circles?
What is the magical secret of the Sun-Moon-Earth system?

If you have ever wondered about eclipses, tides or the seasons, this amazing little book, by acknowledged time-lord Robin Heath, will quickly introduce you to the astonishing beauty of the promary cycles around this planet.

This is advanced wizarding at its best!

Paperback 64 pages
Revised Edition Published by Wooden Books 2012
ISBN 9781904263463

Wooden Books consist of an attractive range of pocket sized, easy to read paperback books that explore a wide range of scientific and arcane subjects. Their creator, publisher John Martineau describes them as "a mathemagical ancient wisdom series".

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