Starter Tarot Deck


Starter Tarot Deck

The easy-to-use Starter Tarot Deck is complete with interpretations and reversed meanings printed on each card. Classic tarot motifs are reinterpreted in a colourful style to reflect modern symbolism. Perfect for beginners, the Starter Tarot cards are designed in the style of ancient woodcuts.

There are four suits in the starter Tarot deck - Swords, Wands, Cups, and Coins. Each suit contains a King, Queen, Knight, and Page, plus pip cards numbered from ten to ace. When the Minor Arcana cards are laid out - in the sequence of coins, cups, wands, and swords, with aces toward the left and kings at right - they form a continuous picture.

Regular meanings of the cards are printed at the top of each card, and the reverse meanings appear upside down at the bottom of each card.

Pack contains: 78 card deck & bookletCard Size: 6.5cm x 12cm approx.

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