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Sprit of the Wolf CD by Global Journey

Spirit of the Wolf CD by Global Journey

The Wolf, a most mythical and spiritual animal is revered by Native Americans who perceive an elemental and hereditary link between the integrity of family within Native American and Lupine culture and the wider characteristics of each tribe and wolf pack.

This album reflects the symbiotic nature of the wolf and Native American. The vocals are supplied by both man and wolf and the Native American instrumentation weaves a vivid canvas that potrays the mutual respect and appreciation between man and wolf.

Track Listing :
1. Canyon Call
2. Sacred Ground
3. Wilderness
4. In Search of the Spirit
5. The Wolf Moon
6. Prairie Dreams
7. The Pathfinders
8. Amber Stars in the Night
9. Shadow Serenade
10. Lupine Tears

Total Running Time: 58 mins

Executive Producer: Peter Samuels

Global Journey ltd.

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