Global Journey

Sprit of the Ancestors CD by Global Journey

Spirit of the Ancestors CD by Global Journey

This amazing album pays tribute to great Native American legends and their tribes. Haunting vocals and authentic instrumentation evoke images of these great men and women as they fought to preserve the Native American ideals and spirit, a dream kept alive by their latter day ancestors playing an intrinsic role in today's America.

Track Listing :
1. Ghost of Sitting Bull
2. Prayer for Nanye-Hi
3. Spirit of Geronimo
4. Sequoyah's World
5. Song for Cynthia
6. Tecumseh Memories
7. Tocmetone Tears
8. Cochise Rides Again
9. Quanah's Promise
10. Echoes of Wovoka
11. Legacy of Chief Joseph
12. Black Hawk's Dream

Total Running Time: 55 mins

Includes twelve-page guide to the Native American legends.

Produced and arranged by Clearwater
Executive Producer: Peter Samuels

Global Journey ltd.

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