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Shower To The People Shower Soap


Shower to the People Shower Soap

Liberate yourself with this exfoliating, massaging sponge drenched in soap made with pure essential oils.

Directions for Use

Use your Bomb Cosmetics Wave Soap in the bath or shower as you would a normal soap. The massaging foam fronds will stimulate your circulation and gently exfoliate your skin.

A Shower Soap is made from a block of foam that has spongy fronds. The whole sponge is saturated with the finest quality glycerine soap, and enriched with the finest quality perfume and essential oils. The fronds will promote healthy circulation and provide gentle exfoliation for the skin.

They can be used at least 30 times in the bath or shower just like a normal soap.

Something hand made and given with love is always better, and it needn't cost the earth. All of the products we select from Bomb Cosmetics are handmade with care and homecooked in the Bomb Cosmetics factories. Bomb Cosmetics (as well as us at Clouds) don't believe that pampering ourselves should harm the planet, or that animals, humans or the environment should suffer for our luxuries.

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