Heaven Spring

Selenite Mountain Top Tea Light Holder


This raw and natural Selenite crystal is beautifully carved into a mountain top shape. Place a tea light in the top to create a bright glow in your room.


Includes a free 4-hour tea light

About the Crystal
Selenite is used to help clear blockages and bring high-frequency energy to your body - helping to promote physical healing. In crystal healing this is often used to align the spinal column and for problems with bone and the back. It's thought to be a good emotional stabiliser, calming mood swings as well as bringing a feeling youthfulness and vitality. A fantastic meditation crystal.

Selenite doesn't need to be cleansed and can be used as a cleanser and recharger for your other crystals - simply place/store your crystals or crystal jewellery on or with your to Selenite to let them soak in the beautiful Selenite energy.

Handy Tip
Selenite is a soft crystal and can become easily scratched - so be careful when handling it and do not submerge in water for too long.

Please Note
Products may differ slightly in appearance from the image shown.

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