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Secrets of the Witch Wisdom Mini Cards


Secrets of the Witch Wisdom Mini Cards
by Lucy Cavendish

Mysteries and Magicks from the Cauldron of the Wise Ones

55 Wisdom Cards for Embracing & Celebrating Your Dreams

The dreamer within is aware of every hidden detail of who you are, and has access to all the love, beauty, wisdom, and soul-fulfilling splendor this world has ever known. You have glimpsed what you are capable of and who you could be. And yes, there is more!

With this delightful 55-card deck by the Witch and bestselling author Lucy Cavendish, you can do just that. Simply tune in, and ask the Witch for her insight and guidance – and with a wave of her wand, a puff of smoke from her cauldron, and a swish of her magickal broomstick, you’ll receive the message you need to hear!

Pack contains: 55 wisdom cards
Size approx: 10 x 4.5cm
ISBN:  978-1-925538-95-3

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