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Sandalwood Amyris Essential Oil


Sandalwood Amyris Essential Oil
Latin name: amyris balsamifera
Also known as West Indian Sandalwood
Origin Jamaica
Oil extracted by steam distillation from bark and branches
Not to be confused with Indian Sandalwood from Mysore

Viscosity is medium
Scent is sweet, balsamic and woody
Colour is pale yellow to brown

Good for stress, soothing nerves, easing frustration, uplifting the mood
Can be used to combat insomnia
Soothes inflammation
It can sharpen the senses, heightening creativity, imagination and intuition
Added to many skincare products as it helps in skin regeneration, and is especially good for mature skin, slowing down the ageing processes.
It has antiseptic properties

Other applications:
Because of its relaxing effect, it is ideal for use when meditating
It is often used as a replacement for Indian Sandalwood, for instance in soaps

Not recommended for use during pregnancy
Not for babies, infants and children under 12

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