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Sage Essential Oil


Clouds Sage Essential Oil
Latin name: salvia officinalis
Also known as Garden or True Sage
Origin Spain
10ml bottle

Oil extracted by steam distillation from dried leaves
Named from the Latin salvare meaning to save or to heal
In China it was believed to cure sterility

Viscosity is watery
Scent is sharp herbal

Can be useful in stimulating the digestion and improving a bad appetite
Has a regulatory effect on the hormones, and therefore can be used for menstrual problems
It has been used to combat female sterility, as well as problems during menopause
Can ease rheumatic pain
Has a beneficial effect on sufferers of grief or depression
Stimulates the lymphatic system
Improves glandular function
In China it was believed to cure sterility

Other applications:
Can be used to ease stiff muscles, fibrosis and stiff neck, as well as easing trembling and palsy

Best administered by a qualified aromatherapist
Should be used with care and in moderation as it is a very powerful oil
Can cause convulsions in high concentration
Classified as an oral toxin
Do not use during pregnancy or if you are suffering from epilepsy or high blood pressure
Not for babies, infants or children under 12

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