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Sacred Number Wooden Book


Sacred Number Wooden Book... the secret qualities of quantities.
by Miranda Lundy

Why is 5 associated with life?
What has 11 got to do with the mile?
This is a beautiful, thought-provoking little book with single pages for the numbers 1 to 12.
Plus, for the more mathematically inclined reader, extensive appendices on such things as gnomons, cosmic numbers, zero, magic squares, and gematria.

This is the one and only earth-friendly guide to the secret qualities of quantities for philosophers, "mathemagicians" and wizards of all ages.

Wooden Books consist of an attractive range of pocket sized, easy to read paperback books that explore a wide range of scientific and arcane subjects.

Paperback 64 pages
This Edition Published by Wooden Books 2022
ISBN 9781904263449

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