Sacred Elephant

Sacred Elephant Sayali Jasmine Pure Luxury Incense Sticks


10 luxury hand rolled incense sticks by Sacred Elephant.

Handcrafted incense, traditionally prepared using only the purest, highest quality ingredients provided by nature. Made according to timeless recipes handed down through the generations. A clean, smooth burning incense that transports you to another world with luxurious fragrances to suit your every mood or meditation.

Sayali Jasmine
A sweet but subtle fragrance. The scent of Sayali Jasmine has long been known to uplift and enliven. The uniqueness of its perfume comes from the fact that it flowers at night, absorbing the sensuality and femininity of the moon's rays.

All Sacred Elephant incense is:
- Vegan
- Ethically produced in India
- Made with pure essential oils
- Free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients

Burn time: up to 45 minutes
Stick length: 20cm

How to burn your incense sticks:
- Always place in a suitable holder such as an ash catcher or jali box.
- Place on a heat resistant surface and well away from flammable objects.
- Light the tip of the stick and allow a flame to take hold.
- Blow out the flame to leave a glowing ember.
- Then simply enjoy the ambience created by your chosen fragrance.

Safety tips:
Never leave a burning stick unattended.
Keep out of reach of children and animals.
Use in a well-ventilated area.

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