Rose Quartz Pumpkin Silver Plated Pendant


Rose Quartz Pumpkin Pendant with Silver Plated Bail

This beautiful mini pumpkin pendant is carved from Rose Quartz. It makes the perfect little gift for autumn birthdays and pumpkin lovers anytime. Remember, pumpkins are not just for Halloween.

Rose Quartz is the stone for love and friendship. This beautiful delicate pink crystal promotes self-love and love for others. It has a calming and soothing energy and can help the owner overcome feelings of not being good enough, self-criticism and resentment. Rose Quartz embraces the one true currency of life - love.

Size: 20mm with silver plated bail (loop to base of pumpkin approx. 24mm)

Each pendant comes with a small information label.

Due to the natural formation of rose quartz, each carved pumpkin may vary slightly in colour.

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