Ancient Wisdom

Rose Geranium Essential Oil


10ml - 6cm height bottle

Latin Name
Pelargonium graveolens

Réunion Island (Indian Ocean)

Extraction Method
Steam distillation - using leaves, stalks and flowers

Floral, Roses

Benefits & Uses
- Antioxidant / Anti-aging
- Anti-inflammatory
- Anti-bacterial
- Pain relief
- Soothes anxiety & relieves stress

How to use
- Add a few drops to water in an oil burner or ultrasonic diffuser
- Add a few drops to a carrier oil, cream or lotion and apply to the skin

Safety Tips
- Never use neat on the skin (always dilute)
- Not for internal use
- Consult a health professional before use if you are pregnant
- Keep out of reach of pets & children

Our essential oils from Ancient Wisdom are 100% genuine, pure (unless diluted) and are derived naturally from herbs & plants sourced from across the world. In glass amber bottles that preserve the life of the oil, our essential oils are also fitted with a dropper for precise usage.

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