Pink Amethyst Massage Wand


This Pink Amethyst massage wand is approx.10cm (4 in) long.

Only fairly recently discovered, this pink variety of amethyst is a very calming stone and a powerful reliever of stress.

It is thought to increase feelings of understanding as well as trust, peace and love. With its energy of deep love and radiance, it can help mend a broken heart or calm a bereaved spirit. An essential crystal for enhancing self-love, it acts as a shield from negative energy and like a comfort blanket it wraps us in warmth and tenderness.

Size: Length approx. 10cm (4 inches); width approx. 20mm
Source:  Brazil

A crystal wand is a useful healing tool for directing healing energy, and this massage wand can be used to gently massage sensitive areas on the body (with the round end) or as a focus for healing energy (with the pointed end). Sometimes just holding a wand is useful if you need focus or clarity. In addition, the type of crystal that the wand is made of will add its own properties to the healing process.

Please note the pictures are sample images only  - due to the natural properties of pink amethyst, each piece will vary slightly in colour and formation.

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