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Picnic In The Park Wax Melt


Picnic In The Park Wax Melt

Happiness is fresh air, good friends and a picnic in the park. So sit down and relax to the entwining fruity and floral notes. As the fruit begins to ripen the juicy notes of blackcurrant, orange, lemon and apple will breeze past, to be followed by a rush of rhubarb and jasmine, and a whisper of smooth vanilla, warm amber and sandalwood.

These highly scented wax melts are packaged in individual pots divided into three sections for easy use. They offer you a great way to fragrance your home in a fantastic range of beautiful scents.

Simply place a piece into your oil burner, light a tea light and breathe deeply as the clean aromas begin to scent the room you're in. You can use the tarts whole, or, why not get creative and mix wax pieces in different fragrances to create your own signature scent?

Burn time: 8+ hours of fragrance
 3 pieces per pack (30g)
Packaging: made from recycled plastic and 100% recyclable

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