Palo Santo Wood Sticks


Palo Santo Wood for spiritual cleansing and clearing negative energies from your home and life. 

You are purchasing one Palo Santo stick, each stick is approximatly 3-4 inches in length.

Origin: Peru (repackaged in Grand Mesa Colorado)
Sustainability: Our Palo Santo is from a trust worthy source and is traditionally, legally and ethically gathered and harvested.

Cleansing your home:

Light the stick and blow out the flame until you have a smouldering ember giving off a smoke. Carry the stick around the space to be cleared, paying particular attention to the corners, sweeping the stick away from your body in a single consistent direction. This will push negative energy out of the space. A good idea is to push the stick towards an open door or window, to banish negativity well away from your environment. You may have to re light the stick during the ritual. 

The stick can be extinguished by placing it in sand or soil in a container (never directly into the earth). As long as they are kept dry, they can be re-lit another time.

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