Natural Desert Sand Rose


Natural Sand Rose
(also known as Desert Rose, Selenite Rose or Gypsum Rose)

A sand rose is a natural formation of crystals of baryte or gypsum. The "petals" are formed when wet sand evaporates leaving a rose-like shape.


This natural crystal has a calming, rejuvenating energy that resonates with the Third Eye, Crown and Root Chakras, balancing the yin and yang of the masculine and the feminine.

Physically, it can maintain flexibility in the muscles and is good for the regeneration of tissue. It is also thought to renew the skin's elasticity.

It isn't difficult to see why it is thought that each "rose" contains a spirit guardian, being used for protection and for boosting for self-confidence. 

Origin: Namibia
Sizes: 3-4cm and 4-5cm

The product image is a sample image only, and doesn't depict the particular individual crystal you will receive, but we always promise that we will hand pick the best crystals we can.

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