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Mulled Wine Simmering Granules


The warm, comforting and fruity scent of Mulled Wine - perfect for the winter months.
Approx. 180g

Simmering Granules are made with natural salt crystals, with added fragrance, for use in oil burners.They provide an excellent alternative to fragrance oils or scented wax.

They are ready to use straight from the packet and do not require the addition of oil or water. As they are salt based, they do not melt, dry out or leave any residue in the bowl of your burner, so they are extremely clean and convenient to use. Once the fragrance has gone, simply throw them away, wipe the bowl with a tissue or a cloth, then replace with 1-2 teaspoons of fresh granules.
Light the tealight underneath, and off you go.

They can also be used in ashtrays, as well as in car ashtrays (it's like carrying an open bag of pot pourri in the car!).

Please take care when lighting tealights.
Keep away from curtains and combustible materials, and protect polished surfaces.
Keep away from children and animals.

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