Nippon Kodo

Morning Star Cedarwood Japanese Incense Sticks


Created in the 1960s in Japan, Morning Star Incense, made by Nippon Kodo, is a collection of gently fragranced traditional Japanese-style incense sticks, made with premium quality ingredients and crucially, without a bamboo core - resulting in a clean burn with minimal smoke, that elevates the unique fragrance without a burnt wood' undertone.

Ideal for burning during meditation, prayer or reflection, Morning Star incense sticks provide a daily source of tranquility and serenity.

natural | spice | forest | relaxing

Each box contains approximately 50 / 200 incense sticks and a square ceramic holder.

Burn Time
Approximately 25 mins


How to Use
- Light one end of the stick and allow a flame to take hold for a few seconds
- Blow out the flame to leave a glowing ember
- Place in the ceramic holder included and enjoy a quiet time of serenity and tranquility.

Safety Tips
- Keep out of reach of pets & children
- Always use in a well-ventilated area
- Never leave burning incense unattended

About the Brand
Nippon Kodo's devotion to making fine incense follows a long and honoured tradition that started more than 400 years ago and can be traced back to Jyuemon Takai, better known as Koju, a skilled artisan in the art and the principal provider of precious rare and exquisite aromas to the Emperor of Japan and his Court.

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