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Moonology Diary 2024


The brand new edition of the hugely popular Moonlogy series by Yasmin Boland.

Manifest your goals. attune to a higher energy, and prepare for a magical year ahead!

"Transformation and joy are key themes of 2024 - it's a powerful year for major shifts. Tap into the Moon's cycles to access all that's on offer and work with the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams. This year brings 25 New and Full Moons. Each New Moon brings a chance to start over. Each Full Moon gives us a chance to release everything to the Divine. The four eclipses of 2024 will open portals to a new life.

This diary is the perfect tool for embracing this year's potential.

You'll discover how to:

  • create, plan, and predict events or changes in your life
  • invite incredible opportunities and positivity into each day
  • attune to the energies in each lunar cycle
  • set and achieve goals for yourself
  • recognise the optimum times to enhance different aspects of your life - from finances to romance"

ISBN: 978-1-78817-659-0

264 pages

About the author:
Yasmin Boland is an award-winning astrologer, Moonologer and the Sunday Times bestselling author of Moonology and Moonology Oracle Cards. Her astrology columns are published all over the world.

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