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Melissa Blend Essential Oil


Melissa Blend Essential Oil

This Melissa Blend is made of fractions taken from other oils -
Citral from Lemongrass
Lemon oil
D-limonene from Orange
Ho oil
Beta Caryophylene from Clove

which gives a close approximation to the composition of the whole oil while avoiding the expense of true Melissa.

Viscosity is watery
Scent is fresh, herbaceous and lemony
Colour is pale yellow

It has a strong sedative effect and can be used to reduce shock
It can reduce tension, ease stress and dispel depression
Can be useful for inhibiting the growth of herpes because of its antiviral effects
Combats symptoms of flu
Its warming and radiant aroma is effective in reducing heart palpitations
It helps the skin to eliminate waste by promoting perspiration
It can be used to settle the digestion

Other applications:
Stimulates menstrual flow and activity

May cause skin irritation. Use well diluted in baths and massage
Not for babies or infants

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