Made by Zen

Marrakech Fragrance Oil


"Scents for the senses. Beautiful fragrance. Beautiful home."

The Signature Oils range from Made by Zen brings premium, luxury fragrance oil blends that are made in the UK using the finest high quality fragrance ingredients. Each fragrance is expertly blended by perfumers using a natural base.

Marrakesh is a floral & woody scent - step into the exotic splendour of the luxurious Riads and gardens of Morocco for an enchanting fragrance experience.

Scent notes:
• Cardamom
• Bergamot
• Lavender
• Jasmine
• Patchouli
• Sandalwood

Quantity: 15ml

How to use:
In Ultrasonic Diffusers - Pour water into the chamber, making sure you don't fill above the 'max' level. Add a few drops of th
e oil (we find it's best to start off with less, then add more if you need to boost the scent)
In Oil Burners - fill the well with water then add a few drops of oil (as above), light a tea light and place it inside the oil burner beneath the well.

Each oil comes in a frosted glass bottle and comes boxed.

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