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Lime Essential Oil


Lime Essential Oil
Latin name: citrus aurantifolia

Oil extracted either by cold expression from peel of unripe skin, or by steam distillation from whole ripe fruit or peel

Viscosity is watery
Scent is of sharp citrus peel
Colour is pale yellow/light olive

Useful for cooling fevers associated with colds and flu
Eases coughs, bronchitis, sinusitis and even asthma
Being a citrus oil, it can help lift depression and revive a tired mind
It can also help with poor circulation, arthritis and rheumatism
Useful in cases of obesity and cellulite
Its astringent properties make it useful for clearing oily skin and acne, as well easing herpes, insect bites and abrasions

Other applications:
It can also have the effect of boosting the immune system while easing the symptoms of illness

Oil extracted by steam distillation is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitising
Oil obtained by cold expression can irritate the skin by causing photosensitivity

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